Base Cabinet Corner

Had a few hours to work on the 45 degree angle on the base cabinets. I was going to just use a filler piece but decided to make shelves instead. I little more work but some extra storage will be nice. Next will be to paint the wood and all the space behind so that they blend well.

Base Cabinets

A little more progress on the Hangar. My father fell ill in California recently so my work came to a halt. I was home this weekend and got a chance to do a little work. I’m so close to being able to rivet I can taste it! Base cabinets are in and I’m working on the countertop. I decided to use 3/4″ plywood as a base and 3/4″ MDF as the top. That will give me a solid top and it will be easy to replace the MDF when it gets worn down. I left a 5’6″ gap open on the long wall for me to roll my EAA workbench under when not in use. I decided a 3’x5′ workbench was as large as I could go, I think it should work fine based on the research I have done.

Upper Cabinets Done

I finished up the upper cabinets this afternoon. I was able to install my LED TV too, figured this would be easier before I get the base cabinets installed. As much time as I will be spending in the Hangar I figured a TV would be a nice touch. I ran a HDMI cable from my AV equipment and will split the output from my cable box mirroring my living room TV.

I’m not a carpenter!

I have a space that is on a 45 degree angle between the two sets of upper cabinets. My plan is to mount a TV in that space. So I needed to make a bridge out of oak paneling to match the cabinets. This was a fun project and had me scratching my head several times.