Trained & Relaxed

Well the last week and a half I spent 3 days in Tucson, AZ completing my 6 month recurrent training on the Lear 45 and 6 days in Cancun, Mexico for a little fun in the sun! It was a chilly return when we landed in Chicago to 18° F!
So I’m sad to be away from the tropical setting but excited to get back to work on the RV!

HS 404’s Trimmed

Time: 2 Hours
The next step was to notch out the leading edge of the HS 404’s so that they will fit around the spar stiffeners that I finished earlier. You can see the area that needed to be removed marked in red. I used my bandsaw with a metal blade for a rough cut and finished up with the Scotch-Brite wheel.

First Dimple and Countersink

Time: 1 Hour
Here was my first attempt at dimpling and countersinking. The 4 edge holes where the left and right halves of the forward spar needed this treatment. The dimpling creates a recess so that a rivet will sit flush with the skin. That dimple needs a recess in the underlying stiffener, hence the countersink.

HS Forward Spar Stiffeners

Worked on the stiffeners today which took several hours, due to me measuring and rethinking every stage of the process. I’m guessing that’s a newbie thing! I was able to trim and shape the pieces and then take care of the bends in the stiffeners and that matching spar’s.

HS Forward Spar

Time: 1 Hour
I spent a few days this week on the road working. When I got home I found that all the plastic gears inside of my garage(the hangar) door opener had disintegrated! So that was the project of the day yesterday. After that job was done I was able to get a little more deburring done on the rear spar and started the layout for the forward spar angle stiffeners. These two pieces have to be tapered based on the plans.