Leading Edges Done

Time: 6 Hours

I was able to repeat the process from the other day on the right wing leading edge. Once I had both leading edges in place on their spars I brought out the #40 reamer and hit every hole to match drill them. The rear flanges of the ribs that connect to the web of the main spars needed a #30 drill. Due to those holes being close to the main rib webs I decided to use my 12″ #30 bit so I could bend it and not scrape the ribs. That process took a little while due to all of those holes. Once done I removed the leading edges to clean up the drill shavings and then reinstalled them. That a theme with this project! Install and uninstall and install! With the main bottom skins reinstalled I was able to extend those lines I made to find the center point of the tie down bracket. Once I had those lined up I removed the main skins and put them back on the shelves. I then removed the leading edges and laid them flat on the workbench so I could drill them to final size with my unibit.

It’s hard to tell in that last photo but the hole was pretty close! The nice thing is that the tie downs that I bought from Cleaveland Tool cove the hole completely and make for a very nice finish!

The next step is the fuel tanks! I probably won’t get started on those for a week or so since next week is Thanksgiving holiday and I will be spending it with my kiddos and amazing girlfriend! 😉

Leading Edges Start

Time: 4 Hours

After taking care of some office duties until noon I was able to get into the Hangar for the afternoon. Today’s tasks were to treat all the leading edge ribs. This included edge deburring, scuffing, flanging and fluting. There are a lot of tabs on the forward edge of the ribs that take a lot of deburring. Then I started with the left wing and put the skin in the cradle I made.

You just work from the outboard ribs to the inboard except the most inboard one.

The inboard most rib comes un-drilled and you have to create a splice strip that will help tie the fuel tank skin to this leading edge skin. I measured and marked a line on the 1.5″ splice at a .5″ mark which allows the splice to extend past the skin 11/16″. With the rib and splice in place, the .5″ mark will show through the skin holes, you match drill the splice and rib.

Each rib has several holes that are not drilled so I matched drilled those with the skin. There are a couple of ribs where the rear flange is not drilled so I matched drilled those as well. In the last photo you can see the square hole that is in the bottom of the skin. That is for Van’s stall warning device. I do not plan to install that since I’m using an AOA (angle of attack) device since I’m used to flying with it in the Lear 45. Unfortunately Van’s makes the cut and you can’t get a skin without it. So I will install the plate as it should be and deal with the few rivet holes in the leading edge later. I decided to call it a night and clean up the Hangar to watch MNF. Tomorrow I will match drill all the holes and repeat the whole process on the right wing.

Leading Edge Cradle

Time: 2 Hours

I had a pretty busy weekend and didn’t get a lot of time in the Hangar. I did manage to get in a couple hours this evening and decided to build the leading edge cradle. This device helps you assemble the leading edge skins and ribs. I just follow the plans and modified it slightly as another builder did shown here.

next up rub prep.

Match Drilling Done

Time: 4 Hours

After double checking the level and twist of the left wing I started the match drilling. I started in the middle of the top of each panel and worked outward and down. Not to much to see but I will say there are over 1 million holes….ok well maybe not that many but there are a lot! When I finished up the left wing I hung the plumb bobs on the right wing and clecko the last of the bottom skins on. I received my order of 200 cleckos from Cleaveland Tool today so I now have plenty for the leading edges and tanks. While I was siting for the plumb bobs to settle I made some lines on the bottom skin that intersected at the center point of the tie down bracket.

I will extend those lines on the leading edge skins when they are installed and have a reference point to drill the hole for the tie down ring. The right wing went pretty fast as well. I then cleaned up the shop and returned all the tools to their hiding spots. Next up the leading edge skins and ribs. The ribs will get all the same treatments as the main wing ribs. The difference is the curved end of the ribs have multiple tabs that will take some extra time to debur.

I will start on those this weekend.

Right Wing Twist Out

Time: 1 Hour

Had a little time in the Hangar this afternoon. I made up the brackets to secure the right wing rear spar to the wing stands. I ran out of the angle aluminum and had to run to the local Home Depot. Once I had the right pieces and repeated the process from the left wing and leveled and removed the twist using the level and plumb bobs. I decided to end there and will get to match drilling the wing skins tomorrow. No pictures today as they looked just like yesterday’s.