Another Update

I wanted to update my blog and let everyone know I’m back to working on the RV-8! It’s been a fun transition back to the airline world from the corporate side of flying. After a few weeks of basic indoctrination training followed by systems/SIM training in the Boeing 737 I finally got to the line. First up is 25 hours of IOE(Initial Operating Experience) with a training captain. Here is where I learn the day to day activities at United. It’s also the time when you make your first landing in the actual aircraft(with passengers!)

So as my professional life starts to calm down I’m back at the real task at hand…finishing my RV-8!

My buddy Glenn is closing his shop up which means my project needed a new home. It’s been a lot of fun building right beside a veteran/award winning builder. So T and I did some searching for a hangar and found one we liked at KARR, Aurora IL. It’s a big T hangar with an extended side off the left wing side. This extra space is great for storage.

So I borrowed a fellow RV builders flatbed trailer and we loaded the fuselage on it. The wings made the trip in the back of Glenn’s truck. After a non-eventful 20 min drive she was in her new home.

I spent the next few days moving all the rest of the shop equipment over to the hangar. We also had a storage unit full of stuff so I set up heavy duty shelving units and moved all that stuff over as well. It feels good to have an airport home now and knowing someday I will do my engine run up and first flight out of this hangar.

Build Update

I just wanted to update my followers of the blog and give a reason why there hasn’t been any posts for a little while. I decided to switch up the career a little and started my training for United Airlines. I finished Indoc training last month and I’m waiting on my Systems/SIM training which will start in May. I’ll be based in SFO to start with and hopefully not to long after I’ll get ORD as base in the Boeing 737. So my building is on hold for a few months until I get trained and settled into my new role. Then I’ll be back at it and into my groove.

Engine Arrives!

Time: 0 Hours

The time has come and my AeroSport Power IO-375-M1S Engine has made its great trek from Kamloops BC to Oswego IL. The truck arrived on time and the driver made quick work of carefully unloading it off the truck. After a quick inspection of the condition of the crate I signed off on the paperwork so he could be in his way.

Once I had it in the shop I put it off of the way so I could work on the wings. With the right upper gear leg fairing done I was finished with the wings and we could remove them. With Glenn’s help we made quick work of the six bolts I had holding the wings on and we put the wings back in their cradles. I then moved the plane back into the original position so that we would have good access to both of our engine mounts for the engine hanging party we will eventually have. Next up was to uncrate the engine after I put it into position just below the engine mount.

We are shooting for next weekend to get the engines hung which will give me a week to get items ready for the big day.


Time: 0 Hours

We made our annual trek to the greatest aviation gathering on the planet, EAA's AirVenture, to get our yearly aviation fix. As always the show never disappoints and we had a blast camping for 12 days. Each year I have one main goal with regards to my RV-8 build. This year was no different, the goal was to secure an engine. I have been looking at several different options over the last year and decided on AeroSport Power. They have a solid reputation on engine builds (they have over 2000 out flying now) and customized the engine for me. It will be the IO-375-M1S putting out between 195 and 200 HP. It will have a Superior case, heads, pistons, ECI crank (375) dual P-Mags, Precision Silver Hawk fuel injection, Sky Tec high torque starter, Plane Power internal regulated alternator, roller lifter camshaft, cold air oil sump, duel color paint, chrome package and several other items. I plan to attend their facility in Kamloops, Canada to attend the build school which allows me to help build my engine. This will probably take place in November depending on the kits arrival times. To say this was a huge step for the build is an understatement! Thanks to my girl, T, for helping keep me motivated with her her excitement and enthusiasm for the build!
Here are a few shots of our trip.

Experimental Sticker

Time: 0 Hours

I spent a little time with my vinyl cutting machine and  designed my “experimental” sticker. The regulations require that a placard identifying that the RV-8 is experimental must be placed where anyone entering the place can see it. For most RV-8’s it gets put above the passengers right armrest on the side panel.  I made mine out of satin black Oaracle 651 vinyl and also added a placard, based off Jason Beavers, just under the word experimental.