Right Tank Z Brackets

Time: 2 Hours

Got home from a day trip to AR tonight and decided to get a little work done in the Hangar. I needed to repeat the whole process I did on the left wing to the right wing. I didn’t take a lot of photos tonight as it would have been just like the left wing photos. Here were a couple I did take.

I did allow my cats out in the hangar this weekend and they loved it so now they keep me company when I’m home alone and drilling away!

It is amazing how much faster I can work on the second wing after I have learned the steps on the first one. It was definitely worth building both at the same time! Next up will be all the nut plates that I have to attach to the z brackets. There are 6 per wing for a total of 12, each getting three nut plates. Do the math and that’s 36 and each gets two holes drilled for a total of 72! Should be a fun project!

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