Wings Arrived

Well today at 10:30am my wings arrived in grand style on a FedEx truck.

I found a little bit of damage to the larger crate on the bottom. Looks like something hit the box side and pushed it in a little as shown by the bottom plywood staples now being exposed.

Well I decided to un-crate the long one first and then ill hit the bigger one to see if there is any damage.

I have read about the mountain of packing paper that accompanies these crates, and this is just from the smaller crate.

I unpacked all the pieces and set in piles so that I could properly inventory them and place on my new shelves. When I got to the bottom I found three of the skins damaged from where the crate had pushed in. It was just enough to bend the skins and cause creases.

So a quick call to Anne at Van’s and a longer call to FedEx and the ball is rolling to get those parts replaced. Glad I don’t have to pay for the shipping as they are pretty big! Next up was to inventory all the parts and organize them. I have hooks above my garage door for the long pieces, a 20″ deep shelf long a beam for the skins and a set of six foot shelves that are 16″ deep for the ribs and spars.

I will leave the spars on the workbench for now cause they are things of beauty!

Tomorrow I will inventory the parts bags for all the nuts, bolts, rivets and other small parts to make sure everything is there. For now I just have a smile on my face to have another pile of aluminum to keep me busy this winter! 🙂

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