The beginning!

I’m moved in!!! The house is mine, boxes unpacked and dishes put away! So I was able to start on the first project, the RV8-Hangar! First thing was to organize the garage. Then to add the Air-n-Water NewAir electric heater, 240v and over 17000 BTU. This week I have been working on adding 12 4-bulb fluorescent lights to shed some light on my future build. I’m excited to get the Hangar finished so that I can begin my RV!





A little progress

It’s been a whirlwind of activity for me lately! With the promotion comes a lot of change, mainly in the paperwork world. I was able to close on my new home (and RV8-Hangar workshop/garage) this last Friday!!! So move in date is scheduled for Oct. 12th, which is good since the moving van took all of my worldly possessions away last Thursday! So get ready for the timeline for the RV8 Hangar to get developers so that the build can begin…