Just Organizing

I have a pretty busy flight schedule this time of the year due to our training. We have 29 pilots in our flight department and we all do recurrent flight training twice a year. That means for several months a year we are down 2 pilots every week in training. That added to the increased flying makes for a busy flight schedule. That’s being said I was able to finish up some bits and pieces in the Hangar and clean the shop. Once that was done I decided to carpet the table I made for the DRDT-2 dimpling machine.



After that chore was done I broke out the two boxes for the empennage. I organized the parts a little and laid out some of the substructure. I was so excited I even grabbed a few clecos and put some parts together just to take a look.



New Friends

Over the last several months I have been surfing the website www.vansairforce.net for good advice on my upcoming build. I was lucky enough to meet a master builder, Glen V, through that site. He lives fairly close to me and has offered his expertise for my build. The other day he invited me to his local EAA chapter 95 for their monthly meeting. My flight schedule was just going to work out, if the weather cooperated. Luck was with me and I landed the Lear in Aurora, IL with just enough time to change and make the drive. What a great group of people chapter 95 has! I stayed for the entire meeting, met everyone and decided to write a check and become a member. I’m looking forward to the camaraderie and the help during my build. I already have received some helpful, and plan changing, advice! So not only am I a national EAA member but now have a local chapter, chapter 95! Thanks to all of you that welcomed me to the group.

Painting Tray

Today I took an idea from another RV builder, Jason Hess, for a painting table of sorts. I too decided early on that when I start to build that I want to prime aluminum parts. I saw a table he made out of 2×4’s and chicken wire. I don’t have a really large garage so I decided that I would make a tray that slides under my workbench when not in use. When info need it I can slide it out and place on a couple of saw horses and do my priming. Next up the support table for my DRDT-2 dimpling machine. 20130218-181443.jpg20130218-181449.jpg20130218-181455.jpg









Good Weekend

Had a good weekend in the Hangar. Got the final bits and pieces done with trim work. Finished in boxing some of the required tools and figuring where they should go. Here is a panorama view of the Hangar.

One of the tools I was looking forward to unboxing is the DRDT-2. It is a dimpling machine that will allow me to dimple large items like skins. Now just trying to decide if I want to sacrifice some floor space and have a dedicated table for dimpling.



I added a cord reel to give me easy access to electricity and moved the Miller welder into its place.



EAA Work Bench

Got a little work done today, constructing my main work bench. I used the plans from EAA(Experimental Aircraft Assoc.) which I modified a little to better fight the Hangar. It’s 5′ x 3′ and 34.5″ tall. I planned it out so that when not in use it will slide under the open counter allowing for more parking space. Now all I need is the plywood top and shelve and I will have a sturdy work surface.