Time: 6 Hours

I finished up the left wing main ribs deburring and scuffing this weekend and started the right wing. Man these things are a pain! Just tedious work and so I just put my butt on the stool, turned on the TV to watch some football and went to work. Hoping to have the right wing finished up by next weekend in between my flight schedule. Then I will straighten the flanges and flute them too, that process won’t take near as long.



Time: 6 Hours

No photos today just an update on the progress. My flight schedule has had me on several multi-day trips over the last couple of weeks. So my progress has been slow but steady. My goal is to knock out two ribs every chance I get. So the work continues and I’ll update when I get to the next steps.


Time: 2 hours

No photos today as you have seen my deburring skills already. This is the order of tasks that I need to accomplish on every rib.

1 – Deburr the lightening holes, edges and tab cuts.
2 – Scuff all surfaces.
3 – Straighten flanges to 90°.
4 – Straighten the ribs by fluting.
5 – Prime
6 – Assemble

Right now I’m just doing steps 1-2 which take a long time for each rib! I will move on to the next steps after this big chore is finished!

Rib Work

Time: 4 Hours

Today I needed to finish up the hole drilling on the right wing ribs. Once finished with those holes I set out to debur all of them in both the left and right wing ribs. I took a 1″ scotch-brite wheel and ground it down to a small point so that it would fit into the 3/8″ hole. This worked real well to debur these holes when I hit them on both sides if the web. I finished this task on all 28 ribs.

20131012-172538.jpgThe 7/8″ hole that I drilled was just a hair to small for the 3/4″ conduit. So I used the tapered down scotch-brite wheel and enlarged it so that a piece of the conduit would fit.

20131012-172858.jpgSo I started the process of edge finishing the ribs. I decided that I would complete 1 rib at a time taking care of all the edges, lightening holes, and surface. This way I don’t get burned out on just one task over 28 ribs. I will get each rib done and have it ready for assembly when done. As I finish them I will put them on the shelf for the next stage.

20131012-173908.jpg1 down….27 more to go….:-)

Training Done and Back at It!

Time: 1 Hour

Flew back to Chicago today after finishing up my 6 month training. I’m happy to say I passed once again. This was my 18th time down in Tucson for my Flight Safety training. It’s always fun but challenging.


20131011-193753.jpgAfter taking care of some housework I got out to the hangar for a little bit. First order of business on all the ribs is create some holes for future wiring and piping. You have to do some planning for your future plans. Here are my goals for each wing:

Left Wing:
– LED Landing Light – Left Wing-Tip
– LED NAV Light – Left Wing-Tip
– LED Strobe – Left Wing-Tip
– Pitot Tubing – Left Lower Wing
– AOA Tubing – Left Lower Wing
– Pitot Heat Wiring – Left Lower Wing

Right Wing
– LED Landing Light – Right Wing-Tip
– LED NAV Light – Right Wing-Tip
– LED Strobe – Right Wing-Tip
– Auto-Pilot Servo Wiring – Right Lower Wing

In each wing I will place a 3/4″ CPVC pipe that will run from the outboard most rib to the inboard most rib. This will allow for wiring runs from inside the fuselage out to the wing tip for lighting. It will also have a cut out between a couple of ribs to allow for the pitot heat wiring and the auto-pilot servo wiring. In the leading portion of the aft ribs there are a few holes that are already drilled from the factory. One is a 7/16″ hole made for the pitot tubing. The others are holes left from the machining process. The plan is to drill the machining holes to 3/8″. This will give me two 3/8″ holes and one 7/16″ hole for all the ribs except the last 3 outboard ribs. In each hole I will put a snap bushing that will leave a 1/4″ ID hole. This will give me two places for the pitot tubing and AOA tubing. The third hole will be for extra or future runs, this is easy to do now. So I made a template out of sheet aluminum to mark all the ribs for the 3/4″ pipe. This hole will be 7/8″ OD when done.

20131011-201223.jpgWith this template I drill a small hole that I could slip a sharpie through and mark the rib for drilling.

20131011-201329.jpgSo I chucked up the UniBit in the drill press and hit all the left wing ribs.

20131011-201430.jpgTomorrow I will get a good days work done in the hangar and drill the right wing ribs. Then the fun deburring work begins!