Aero Sport Power Build School

Time: 12 Hours

This weekend I made the trek from Chicago to Kamloops Canada to attend the Aero Sport Power’s build school to assemble my IO-375-M1S engine. They offer this one-on-one school to assemble your engine with the help of a pro builder. The first morning started with Darren giving me the tour of the shop and all the formalities. After that we jumped right in and began assembling. I cannot say enough good things about Darren Jones and the whole team at Aero Sport Power! Great customer service! My emails and calls were always answered and there was never a doubt that I was getting a great product backed by a great company. I got to be as hands on as much as I wanted which was a great experience for me. I asked a lot of questions about the engine and the parts…Darren is a patient guy! After the building was done we moved into the testing shop where the attached all the parts to be able to run it up. We put the engine through it’s paces for 2+ hours and all went perfect. I’m not gonna try to describe all the steps rather I’ll just give a timeline in photos…enjoy!

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