Bose A20’s with Bluetooth

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So when I came to United Airlines two years ago I needed a new headset, one that would work in the 737 environment. That meant one that could work on an intercom and one that would be easy to use if the captain didn’t wear a headset (yes there are still pilots who use the single ear piece boom mic). My go to headset was the Bose ProFlights. They work awesome, are lightweight and fit the bill for headset or partial headset so you can hear the pilot if they are not wearing one. I highly recommend them if you are in a jet environment. I only have one complaint if you could call it that…the original cable from the headset to the controller and to the jacks was pretty thick. Bose must have heard this and came out with the PF2’s with a much thinner cable. I have those now and love them.

So when it came time to pick a pair of headsets for the RV-8 I really didn’t need to look far as I knew the Bose A20’s were what we wanted. We had tried them on up at AirVenture 2019 and both Tricia and I loved the fit and quality. The sound is incredible as well which is what Bose is known for.

The new A20’s have Bluetooth built in which allows you to connect to several devices like and iPhone for music or the Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 camera so that when you record video of your flight it will also capture the intercom audio.

I placed the order and the two headsets arrived yesterday. So I decided to do a post of the unboxing.

I put the two AA batteries in and powered them up. The Active Noise Reduction (ANR) is awesome just like the ProFlights. I hit the Bluetooth button and was able to connect to my iPhone quickly. I played a little music and the sound was fantastic. The headsets have a selection so that when air traffic control transmits it mutes the music instantly so you can hear what they are saying.

I can’t wait to use these in the RV! They are going to definitely help reduce fatigue from the external noise that piston engine aircraft are known for.

Thanks Bose for producing an AWESOME product!

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