Aileron Boots

Time: 1 Hour

One complaint with Vans aircraft is sometimes they can be crafty and let cooler air in via some of the holes required in the fuselage. Two of the bigger holes are where the aileron control rods go from the fuselage to the wings. These holes can allow a lot of air to work it’s way into the fuselage. So Abby at Flightline Interiors, who I bought the carpet kit for the RV-8, also make boots that cover this area and allow the control rods to move freely. They are easy to install and have a slot down the side that is secured with Velcro allowing them to be installed after the rods are already in place. They have a plastic disk that has Velcro to attach them to the fuselage side wall. So another little task is complete and hopefully these help keep us warm on our future flights.

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