And More Flap Work

Time: 9 Hours

Today started out with our weekly builder breakfast with my good buddies. I made it home by 10:30 and got hard at it working on the flaps. My work consisted of deburring every hole, finishing all edges, edge rolling and priming. It took me around 3.5 hours per flap to accomplish all those tasks. There are 6 ribs, 1 spar, 2 skins, 2 angle/plates and multiple shims. This work is the toughest and most boring on this build but it must be done and my OCD is in full effect as I want all my edges perfect. Again I only primed the mating surfaces and left the sides that will be painted unprimed. Here are a few pics of the work today but I didn’t take that many since it’s just boring.






20140510-220009.jpgI was able to get everything done except to dimple the skins as my back was getting sore and 9 hours is enough I think. After I finished up the first flap I took a break and went over to my buddy Glen’s house to look at his finished flaps and how his hinges turned out. I also got a chance to sit in his fuselage to see how the 8 feels, and it feels awesome!

20140510-220331.jpgSo tomorrow is supposed to be a great day weather wise and I should get a bunch of work done if I don’t take the Harley out for a ride! 😉

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