Autopilot Pitch Servo

Time: 2 Hours

I received one autopilot servo from Aircraft Spruce today and got right to work installing it. I decided to put it in the pitch spot since that’s the toughest one to get to back in the tail cone. I had installed the mounting bracket a few years ago when I had the tail still open in prep for today. So the process was pretty easy. I started by putting a 9 pin d-sub connector on the end. This is the matching connector to the one I had wired already back to the location where the servo will be mounted.

I did a quick test by connecting the d-sub connector to the one in the RV and powering up the SkyView system. I had issues right away when I powered on the autopilot switch. After a short time searching for issues I decided to take a look at the d-sub pin layout of the wiring I did a few years ago in the tail. Turns out I had a different layout than what Dynon called for on the servo end. So I made a note of how the layout was and changed the pin layout on the connector on the servo. A re-test proved to be perfect. So I then installed the servo which isn’t very easy especially as you are laying in a tight space of the tail. I secured the wires and torqued all the nuts. I also safety wired the two bolts that screw into the servo.

I did the servo calibration and tested the function and all was perfect. Now to order the second servo for the roll axis and get that installed. Every step is getting me closer to flying.

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