Autopilot Roll Servo

Time: 2 Hours

One of the items delivered today was the second autopilot servo that will function as the role component of the autopilot. To install this is exactly the same as the servo I put in for the pitch. One thing I found was that I made an error in the D sub pin layout way back when I installed the servo wiring harness when I was wiring the fuselage. It was not the same layout as what Dynon called in their installation manual, so I needed to correct this. It was the same in the pitch servo harness and I will correct that one as well shortly. So I needed to remove all the pins from the housing and reinstall them in the correct holes.

After inserting the pins correctly i laced the wires and reinstalled the housing.

I had to add pin and housing to the servo wires as well. The process was the same and ended with lacing and the install of the housing.

The install of the servo into the right wing is pretty easy, just three bolts hold it in place followed by two bolts holding the servo arm connected to the aileron bell crank. After torquing all the bolts and applying torque seal I powered up the Dynon Skyview to configure the network for this new servo. The system worked perfect and now I have expert autopilot controls including a flight director.

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