Baffles #4

Time: 5 Hours

The last section is the forward baffles which are comprised of two pieces, the and right. These go right behind the propellor area and seal the area where the crank shaft comes through the cowl. I first clamped them together in place to see how much trimming would be needed. They also have two angles in them that try to match the ramps.

I worked the right side first and trimmed a little at time on the bottom until I had a perfect fit on the bottom and the curved portion of the engine case. Then I started on the left side. It’s hard to see in the above photo but the fit around the engine case is really bad, almost 3/4″ in spots. After looking this over Glenn suggested that I redrill the hole Vans punched for the bolt in the center top over to slide the baffle over and closer to the engine case. This would mean that I would have to tweak the angles of the side a little bit not much. So I did some measuring and came up with a good spot to drill the new hole making sure I would have edge distance for the new hole when I cut the new inboard edge.

Once I had the hole drilled I had to trim the bottom like the other side as well as the lower part of the center where the two halves come together.

This worked great and the gap is much better and will be sealed up with RTV later. So I started working on the bends of the sides to make them fit well. These eventually get tabs made out of angle that will tie the sides to the ramps. I made the clips and match drilled them to the sides and ramps.

On the left side I had to trim the tab a little to get it to sit good with the filter cover I made.

Now that the forward baffles were fit I moved to the right side conical gusset. This is a curved sheet in that ties the ramp to the lower cowl shape. It starts like a cone, small at the top of the ramp and gets wider at the bottom. This was a fun piece to make and took a while to get perfect. I started with a card stock template and transferred it to the sheet of aluminum.

After cutting it out I used the hand seamer and my rivet gun to shape the sheet into the shape I needed.

The shape needed tweaking a little but ended up perfect. I clamped it in place and match drilled the holes I laid out.

The left side can’t have one as the filter is in the way.

Next up will be to rivet some of these parts together, some will wait until final assembly. Then I will work on the bottom ties of the baffles. All this work leading up to the tough job of trimming the tops of the baffles to match the upper cowl.

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