Cowl Plugs

Now that we are in the season of doing some cross country overnight trips I needed to think about protecting Man O’ War while it sits on the ramp. I already had a cover made a few years ago from Bruce’s Covers. The last piece I needed was cowl plugs. These do just as their name suggest and plug the two big holes to the right and left of the propellor. They keep things like birds and any other debris that would make its way into you engine compartment area. The process was simple enough to order them. They request good measurements and high definition photos to make the fit perfect. With that information they get to work and in a few weeks you end up with a great set of plugs that include a feather tying them together, two flags so that you can visibly see them from the cockpit and personalized N-number on both of them.

I was photographed!

I was photographed the other day by @airbaer150 and didn’t even know it until someone pointed it out. I reached out to Mike Baer and he sent me a few of the photos he took.

I’m loving this shot and we are going to try to get another one done but in higher definition. That way we can blow it up and put it on a large canvas.

N800MF Takes to the Sky!

Time: 0 Hours

Today, October 19, 2020 happens to be a great day for two reasons. The first is it’s my 50th birthday and the second is my Vans RV-8, Man O’ War, took to the sky! It was an hour and a half of race track circuits abound or airport to break in the engine. I’m happy to say that it flew straight and true with no heavy wing or adverse flight characteristics. I now have the RV grin from ear to ear! I will have a full video that I will add to YouTube after editing and add it to a new post.

Prep for Painting

Time: 0 Hours

In preparation for the painting I need to remove as much of the items I can like the elevators, rudder, flaps and ailerons. I also removed all antennas and fiberglass parts.

The canopy will come off as well but I’m waiting to the last minute so I can prevent as much dust from getting inside.

Working out Graphics

Time: 0 Hours

So I’m nearing the paint stage of my build and figured I would start the laying out of my P-51 graphics. I have a vinyl cutter and plan on doing most of them at home using Oracal 651 vinyl. This vinyl is 2.5 mils thin and last 7 years in the sun without fading. The silver and red on the RV will be painted as will the star & bars, invasion day stripes, the camouflage and the European theater stripes. I wanted to check out sizing that I was planning on and how each item laid out with reference to seams and screws.

So we are tweaking the final design with little changes but this is how it will look. Hoping to have it in the paint shop here on our Airpark in a week or so.