Brake Fluid

Time: 1 Hour

I had on my list of things to get done to add brake fluid to my brake system. I have read several blogs and watched a couple of videos on what was the neat way to accomplish this task. I decided I would try the method that pushes fluid from the lowest point up. So the idea is to use a small pump sprayer to push brake fluid from the bleed nipple on the caliper up through the brake lines and finally into to master cylinder. I went to Lowes and bought the sprayer and some 3/8″ clear hose that has a 1/4″ ID. I cut a two foot piece of the 3/8″ hose. I safety wires it to the nozzle on the sprayer. The other end I attached a spall piece of 1/4″ plastic line that was left over from my pitot static line. I safety wired those together. This is all to prevent leaks in the hose system as you add the fluid. The 1/4″ fits on the bleed nipple tightly and works well to prevent leaking. Once I pushed the hose on the nipple I turned it a 1/4 turn which opens it. With the sprayer pumped up I pushed the trigger allowing the fluid to flow through the hose, the caliper, the brake lines and into the master cylinder. I pumped enough to file it and push any air out. Once full I closed the nipple and removed the spray hose. With a firm push on the brake peddle I checked the firmness and made sure it functioned properly by spinning the wheel as it was jacked up off the ground and applied brake pressure stopping the wheel. Both sides worked well and I only found one small leak and that was due to a loose fitting. The pictures are for show and you want to pump all the air out of the sprayer lines so you don’t introduce more air into the lines. This process took only minutes to accomplish with this sprayer setup.

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