Bulkhead/Baggage Floor Painting

Time: 4 Hours

Today started off with sanding down the Super-Fill to make the holes I accidentally drilled disappear. I then reprimed all the spots where I sanded.


IMG_4072.JPGOnce the primer was dry I assembled all the parts for the baggage floor support and got them all riveted together.

IMG_4073.JPGI then put some masking tape in the Cam-Loc holes to keep them from getting primer/paint on them and then primed all the rivets I just did. A light sanding on all the surfaces followed up by cleaning the dust and using a tack cloth to remove any fibers from the rags I used to clean. I hung all the parts and got to painting. I have found that there are very subtle differences in the final color from can to can of the Rustoleum. So I have made some timing changes to my paint plans so that the 3rd and final coat on matching pieces will be from the same can. This will insure that parts that mate up together have the same coat from the same can reducing a noticeable difference in color. When parts are separated by even a couple of inches you can’t tell but right next to each other you can, sometimes!



IMG_4075.JPGAll in all I’m happy with my painting progress, there are some imperfections but I can live with those and think they look great. I’m really happy with the color! I will let these parts cure for 5 days or so and get to riveting them next weekend.

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