Canopy Frame Skirt Holes

Time: 2 Hours

The canopy skirt comes undrilled, you match the holes in the frame to fiberglass skirt using a hole duplicator. So I used the plans and marked out and drilled all the holes in the frame for the skirts. There are two vertical ribs on the frame that need a special template in order to drill. You use some scrap sheet aluminum and drill the holes using through the template into the frame. That way those holes in the template are an exact match and can then be used on top of the skirt to drill its holes. 

There is a jig in the aft end of the frame where a smaller diameter tube is welded to the larger tube. You have measurements to avoid this area when riveting as it can create cracks. To hep avoid this I created a transition using epoxy and flow. Maybe overkill but it can’t hurt. 

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