Center Section Work

Time: 5 Hours

The center section has a forward half and an aft half that will eventually be joined to make a pocket for the wing spars. On each side there are 2 bulkheads one forward and aft. I deburred the edges and all the holes in each of them. On the left side there are several nutplates that needed countersinking as well. I got that work done yesterday after a pretty good day of house hunting. My girl, which works for the same company, got the approval to transfer to Chicago! So we are pretty excited to get a new and larger home to share together. A lot if nice houses out there, my wish list….a large garage for the aircraft build. Hers….nice kitchen and master bath. We found a few and hope to make an offer soon. So today I got back at the center section. First was to prime and paint the 4 side bulkheads.

IMG_4128.JPGI then riveted the 4 nutplates to the forward center section, these will eventually hold 4 adel clamps for the fuel line.


IMG_4130.JPGSeveral other parts get riveted to the center section including the forward seat supports and seat ramp supports. I match drilled all the holes and enlarged the ones that will have a AN3 bolt in them.

IMG_4131.JPGThere are 2 vertical support filler pieces that are anodized as well. I reamed them to the final size of 1/4″.

IMG_4134.JPGThere will be one rivet that holds the side bulkheads in place that will interfere with these vertical supports. So you need to countersink it so that you can put a flush rivet there so the support will sit flush on top of it.


IMG_4133.JPGI then scuffed to supports and deburred all the edges/holes for priming.

IMG_4136-0.JPGSince I’m going to have to wait several days before riveting these parts as the paint drys I looked aged in the plans for the next steps. The next phase will be the seat rib assembly section. So I spent some time looking for and locating every part for this substructure in between primer coats on the other parts.


IMG_4135.JPGAfter the primer was dry I riveted the nutplates to the seat support angles and ramps. I also painted them so if any part does show after assembled they will look good.

IMG_4138.JPGThat’s where I called it a night, I have a light flight schedule this wee so I’m hoping to get some good building in.

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