COM Radio Wiring

Time: 4 Hours

While I wont actually have the COM radios for some time I certainly can pre wire for them so that installation will be very simple with just connecting a harness to the back of the unit. To start I worked from the back of the aircraft forward as the Dynon COM unit has a single harness that comes out of it and terminates into two items, the actual COM control panel and the intercom panel as well as a power and ground wire. To start I figured the length of wire for each of the runs, the radio and intercom panel will be very close to each other so that run is the same, as well as the ground block and power. Two of the sets of wire are shielded and the rest are not. Once I had all the wires cut and labeled on each end I fished them through the flexible conduit to the back of the tail, this feat was not easy as that conduit is getting crowded.  

 Once I had them run through I pulled enough of it so that I could bring them back out of the fuselage to make it easier to work on.  

 On this end the shield of the two wires does not get terminated so all I had to deal with was the individual wires and putting the pins on them. When I was done with the wires I labeled the bundle and put the back shell on and secured the wires with zip ties.  

 It took 2 hours to get all those wires fished to the back and the harness and complete. I moved onto the left side of the aircraft which will be for COM #1. This side took just as long to get finished. I took a photo of the Dynon schematic for you to see what I use for the pin callouts.  

 I ran both the left and right sides up to behind the panel, but won’t finish them until I have the panel cut. I have been working with SteinAir in Minnesota to have my panel layout designed. Once we came up with the final version I sent my panel to them via UPS and they will cut on their C&C machine. I know I could’ve done these cuts but getting all of the panels lined up perfectly square and all the net plate holes drilled is very tough. Since this is an item I will be staring at nonstop I decided just spend the extra money and have them precision cut it. Here’s what the panel will look like when finished.  

  Once I get the panel back I will know exactly where I can run the wires to and finish up the wiring harnesses. Then when I do finally by the electronics I will just be able to screw them in and plug the harnesses in the back and be done.

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