Firewall Riveting

Time: 4 Hours

I got started in the Hangar around 9 this morning. The weather is perfect out, a few clouds in the sky and mid-70’s. I grabbed all the firewall parts off the paint rack and checko’ed them to the firewall while trying to be careful so I didn’t scratch the paint. I’m guessing it will take several weeks for it to cure fully. Most of the rivets I will be able to get with my back rivet set.


IMG_3606.JPGThe riveting went well, only had to drill out a couple when the head slipped off the back rivet plate since there isn’t a lot if room between the firewall flanges.


IMG_3607.JPGI got most of the rivets done by lunch time and had offered my help to my buddy Glen to rivet the top skin on his RV-8 tail cone. I was really nervous running the rivet gun on his plane but everything turned out perfect.

IMG_3614-0.JPGYou can see how tight it is in there to buck!

IMG_3613.JPGDecided to have dinner and sit by the fire pit at his house tonight so I will get back at the firewall tomorrow.

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