Flap Control Cover

Time: 2 Hours

The flap control arm sticks up through the passenger left arm rest and attaches to the bulkhead. This is a little unsightly to look at and many builders, including Glenn, have made a cover to clean up this area for a better appearance. Glenn had saved his template and allowed me to use it to make one for myself. I used some 0.025″ sheet and traced his pattern on it. 

I cleaned up the edges and drilled a couple screw holes then spent some time with the bench and hand bending brake to get all the bends right. 

After match drilling the holes for the screws I drilled for and riveted on the required nutplates. I then put it into place to check the fit. I happy with how it looks and the forward bottom edge will be covered up with a custom leather armrest that is being made at the same time as my seats. 

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