Hangar Add’s

In prep for the wing delivery I decided to work on two projects I have been thinking about for the last month. The first was to add a 12′ shelf along a beam in the ceiling of the Hangar. I used wire shelving from Home Depot that is 20″ deep. This should be a great place to keep the skins and the longerons.


20130911-182552.jpgThe second was an add on to my current rolling work bench. The 5’6″ current length is a little short in my opinion for working on the wings. So I decided to add another 2′ to one end to give me a total of 7’6″. My plan was to add a 2′ x 36″ x 3/4″ MDF board to one end, supported by a 2″x4″. Then I would add angled 2″x4″ back to the bottom of the work bench. This way I could remove the addition to slide the bench in its spot under the counter. Turned out as I planned and is plenty sturdy for that end. If I need more length I will add another addition to the opposite end.






20130911-183157.jpgI then added all new carpet so that the addition was the same height and looked uniform.


20130911-183658.jpgI think a clean up of the hangar is in order this weekend and ill be ready for the delivery!

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