Instrument Panel Work

Time: 6 Hours

Today started with work on the instrument panel parts. Lots of edge deburring on the support structure as it has tons of tabs that allow it to curve.  

 After all the edge work I clecko’ed the parts together, as you can see the center panel is offset down one hole, this allows the parts to be inserted into the fuselage and still give you access to the clecko’s. This panel will eventually be held into position with screws allowing you to remove it to work on your flight instruments.  

   I needed to countersink all the holes in the two side panels so that the instrument panel will lay flat.  

 I then clecko’ed the parts together and put them in their place.  

 Since I needed to put the windscreen roll bar in next and it’s not painted yet I moved ahead to the forward top skin and started working on those parts. There are two filler strips that make a lip for the forward baggage door to lay on when closed. I cleaned their edges and deburred them.  

 The top skin has two parts that need to be cut out, the first is the baggage door area and the second is the cut out for the glare shield above the instruments. I used my dremel to cut these out and clean the edges up.  

   I then cleaned up all the edges on the top skin and then clecko’ed the filler strips to the underside with just a couple of clecko’s. Then the skin got layer on top of the fuselage to start clecko’ing it in place.  
   From this point I decided to clean up shop and grab the stuff I needed to paint the roll bar at home in the garage. I will get it painted tonight and have it ready for the next couple of days. A good day in the hangar! 

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