Left Wing Leading Edge

Time: 6 Hours

Today’s task was to complete the left wing leading edge so that I can move on to the top skins. I started by putting the inboard rib in (this is the one that I had to replace) along with the spacer I made yesterday. I wasn’t sure if I would need it on this wing but figured it might be easier to put in before the other ribs were riveted as I had done yesterday. Well it was a little easier but not much. I put the leading edge on the spar with a few clecko’s and added the tank. I was happy to see that the alignment was pretty good so I’m glad I put the spacer in ahead of time. We will see how it all lines up after riveting as things tighten up with rivets compared to the clecko’s.


20140416-115836.jpgUnlike the right wing leading the left leading edge had holes punched in it on the forward edge for Van’s stall warning system. I decided to use an AOA (Angle of Attack) to determine an approaching stall. So these holes needed to be filled with rivets.


20140416-125710.jpgNext task was to grab the bucking bar and rivet gun and hit the skin to rib holes. I finished the top in about 45min before breaking for lunch.

20140416-125832.jpgAfter a short break for some lunch I got back at riveting. It took me about the same time to finish the bottom of the skin. I then put the leading edge on the spar and checked the fit. I repeated the process of yesterday by riveting the outboard and inboard rib with solid rivets while using the blind rivets LP4-3 & LP4-4 on the 3 middle ribs. The second outboard rib will also get solid rivets on both wings but I need help bucking those so they will wait for now. Next was to squeeze all the rivets along the aft edge on the top and bottom.

20140416-172446.jpgWith the leading edge riveted on I grabbed the fuel tank and checked the seam alignment. I’m happy to say that it turned out really nice, a little better than the right wing.

20140416-174037.jpgThe plans call for you to now put about half of the bolts in that hold the tank to the spar.


20140416-174716.jpgI wanted to complete one more task today before calling it a day. The next big step in the plans is to rivet the 3 pieces of the tops skins – the outboard, inboard and the doubler for the wing walk area. So I started with getting the doubler prepped for priming. I treated the edges and deburred all the holes before dimpling them with the DRDT tool. I wanted to get these pieces done since I decided that I was going to prime one side of them. I’m sticking to my plan of priming at least one surface where two bare surfaces come together. So one side of the the doubler will mate up to the inside of the skin, both of those would be bare hence my need for priming at least one of those surfaces. I got a couple of coats of primer on the side that needed it and will have a few days for them to cure.

20140416-200205.jpgI cleaned up the Hangar and headed inside to listen to a webcast presentation by aerobatic pilot Patty Wagstaff on an introduction to aerobatics.

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