Left Wing Tip

Time: 4 Hours

After Sunday breakfast with Glenn I started work on the right wing tip following all the same steps I did on the left side. 

 While that side was curing I installed the left wing tip to see how it looked.

 I think I’m going to really like how these look without the screws! Next up was to trim the aft end of the fiberglass tip so that it was in line with the flap and aileron. Are used my orbital sander to trim to the line and used my Dremel tool to split the aft end to allow me to align the trailing edge up or down so that it will be inline. 

 From here I mixed up some epoxy and flox and smeared it in between the two halves. I used a clamp and tap to hold them into position after I aligned the aft end. 
 One that has cured I will remove the tip and load up the inside with epoxy and flox to strengthen it.  That’s where I called in a day and cleaned up shop. So far my first few experiences with fiberglass have been fun although dusty!

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