Lots of Countersinking!

Time: 6 Hours

There are 201 holes on the upper longeron sides that need countersinking. That’s a lot of holes! Pushing down on the drill to get a countersunk on that many holes has my right shoulder on fire but it has to be done so I power thru it.

IMG_5005.JPGI did the right one first and when I was done I deburred all the holes on both sides. On each longeron there are two cut outs needed. One on the very end and one a little forward of that which allows the vertical horizontal stabilizer attach bars to stick up thru. I used a combo of my dremel, files and sandpaper to get the fit right in the first cut.



IMG_5008.JPGAfter cleaning up the right side I moved on to the left. It took me about three hours to finish up both sides. From there I moved on to all of the loose parts and deburring everyone of their holes. I got all except a few arm rest parts deburred and will get them tomorrow. I did 6 hours of actual work throughout the day, as I took lots of breaks to give my shoulder a rest. I’m just glad to have the countersinking done on all of those longeron holes!

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