Match Drilling Done

Time: 4 Hours

After double checking the level and twist of the left wing I started the match drilling. I started in the middle of the top of each panel and worked outward and down. Not to much to see but I will say there are over 1 million holes….ok well maybe not that many but there are a lot! When I finished up the left wing I hung the plumb bobs on the right wing and clecko the last of the bottom skins on. I received my order of 200 cleckos from Cleaveland Tool today so I now have plenty for the leading edges and tanks. While I was siting for the plumb bobs to settle I made some lines on the bottom skin that intersected at the center point of the tie down bracket.


20131115-173735.jpgI will extend those lines on the leading edge skins when they are installed and have a reference point to drill the hole for the tie down ring. The right wing went pretty fast as well. I then cleaned up the shop and returned all the tools to their hiding spots. Next up the leading edge skins and ribs. The ribs will get all the same treatments as the main wing ribs. The difference is the curved end of the ribs have multiple tabs that will take some extra time to debur.


20131115-174122.jpgI will start on those this weekend.

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