Mid Fuselage Side’s

Time: 4 Hours

Today I started on the fun deburring process of all the parts that make up the mid fuselage side walls including the bulkheads and arm rests.

IMG_4310.JPGI then countersunk all the nutplate holes in the various parts that I just deburred. When that was all done I grabbed the side skins down from the ceiling racks where all the flat skins get stored.

IMG_4311.JPGI got the soldering iron out and removed the blue film on the exterior side just over the rivet holes. The inside of the skin I removed the entire film as I will be priming and painting the surface as it will be seen in the cockpit area.

IMG_4312.JPGThat was enough for today. Tomorrow I will debur all the skin edges and roll the aft corner of the lower part of the skins. This will make the transition from square to rounded edges for the tail cone.

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