More Gear Tower Work

Time: 8 Hours

Today started all the match drilling of the gear towers. There are a lot if holes and it takes a while to hit every one. I then grabbed the countersink to hit one rivet hole on each tower. These holes are under the edge of a bracket that get riveted later. I have read where guys have missed this step and have to drill out later.

IMG_3669.JPGLike the change in rudder pedals for the pilot I added the option for the rear seat rudder pedals. I knew that the bracket will get bolted to the gear towers so I grabbed that bag and looked at the instructions. It’s nice to read ahead as these normally get added later as an after thought and you have to drill in a tight spot. I’m able to drill the matching hole with everything apart which makes it a ton easier. Here is what the bracket looks like installed with one hole that they provide. You have to drill the second by using the existing holes.


IMG_3671.JPGAs with everything else after you get it all together you take it all apart to deburr all the holes, scuff, clean and primer.

IMG_3672.JPGI spent the next several hours scuffing and cleaning the right side tower and started the priming on those parts. In between the coats of the primer I started the dismantling deburring of the left side. I finished priming both sides and let them dry for an hour while I ran to do an errand. When I got back I started the riveting on the right side. I did all the rivets I could do with the pneumatic squeezer since it was getting into the evening and didn’t want to bother my neighbors with the rivet gun. I also riveted all the nutplates on for the access plate.



IMG_3676.JPGAnother great day in the Hangar!!

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