More Tank Tasks

Time: 3 hours

I was able to get a little time in the Hangar today after working on my sons car. I got my new #40 countersink bit so first up was to finish the fuel filler cap flanges.

20140204-192951.jpgI also fabricated a couple of clips that hold the end of the fuel vent line right by the filler caps. I used a 1/4″ drill bit in my vise and shaped them. After several try’s I finally got two that I was happy with.

20140204-193307.jpgI also shaped the reinforcement plates for the last outboard ribs of the tanks and drilled them for the 6 rivets that hold them in place. I then used them as templates for match drilling the ribs.

20140204-193527.jpgI then had a visit by my friend Glen Vokac so that he could take a look at my anti-hang up guides for the flop tubes. He said all is well except that he would have waited to rivet them to the access plates until I had some ProSeal. So I took his advice and drilled out the 3 rivets that hold them in place. I’m getting pretty good at this task!

20140204-193814.jpgThe other day I grabbed a couple of -6 rivets, they are pretty big, to plug the tooling holes in the last outboard rib.

20140204-193940.jpgI just placed the rivet in the hole for you to see, I will wait for ProSeal for these too! Not a long day but anytime in the Hangar is good!

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