Music Jack

Time: 2 Hours

One option to with Dynon SV-INTERCOM is to have a mutable 3.5mm music jack. The intercom itself has one built into the face of it and I will use my iPhone on that one. I decided to put one in the back next to the USB charging port for my passenger. This will allow the passenger to play music or any audio like a movie on an iPad in the back. The audio will play through our headsets. The nice feature of the Dynon intercom is that this audio will auto mute when any transmition comes from ATC so you don’t miss a call. This jack is pretty small and has three tabs, L, R and ground. I soldered a three conductor shielded wire to it and ran it all the way to the area where the intercom will be placed.  

   Cool little item for those long cross-country flights!

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