Painting #1

Time: 0 Hours

We are lucky enough to have a very talented painter that lives on our airpark. He has a paint booth large enough for a car and can curtain off his whole hangar for full airplanes like mine. He has all the right equipment to ventilate and spray big projects. The other nice thing is he is also an accomplished aircraft builder, winning Grand Reserve at OskKosh in 2017 for his beautiful SkyBolt. Because he is a builder and a friend he is allowing me to help where able which allows me to continue the education/recreation that building an experimental aircraft is all about. Being that a great paint job is not only about the correct preparation but equally about the artistry of the painter. I have no such talent and I’m happy to allow him to handle this for me.

The first items up were to wet sand off all The filler primer I had put on the fiberglass parts to protect them over the last couple of years. Not really anything to show with this step but one of the days a neighbor, she’s a 777 Captian for us at United, brought a close friend over to see the RV-8. I apologized for looks sweaty and dusty but that sanding duty was in full affect. She understood and knew all about what it takes to build RV’s. My neighbor introduced her to me as Dick’s niece when they pulled up on the golf cart. After a few minutes of talking I asked “Dick who” as I couldn’t think of another neighbor named Dick. She said you know Dick VanGrunsven! My eyes got big and I was now really embarrassed at my appearance. She was nice enough to take a photo with me as I kept says I’m sorry I was so messy.

You just never know who you will meet at the best Airpark around, C77 Poplar Grove.

I was going to do a lot of typing at each stage of this painting process as the painter worked. I decided that wasn’t really necessary and that photos would do a much better job at detailing this process. So that’s what I’m going to do and just add all the photos I have taken during this incredibly fun stage. This is the benefit of having the paint shop only a block away on our airpark. I can stop in and watch durning every step.

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