Panel Structure 

Time: 6 Hours

After having breakfast with the guys this morning we headed to the shop for some work. Glenn was at a stage where he was ready to attach the wings to his fuselage to start the work on all the measurements that are needed to square them up. With the help of a couple other guys we made quick work of this step and got both installed.  

   Talk about motivation, wow that was fun and it looks great! So last Thursday I received my parts from Aircraft Spruce and slipped the remaining nuts in the roll bar and torqued them.  
   I had a trip up to Minneapolis  this week and had some time to kill. So I jumped in the rental car a made my way over to SteinAir to get some wire. I spent over 2 hours there visiting with Chris and got the “dime” tour. I got a lot of questions answered and some changes to the wire I needed. What I was looking for was the wire I needed for my pitch trim and the tail light. I needed them to run them through the tail cone before I can rivet the top skin. I also picked up one of their eyeball vents to install in my panel. So after we got Glenn’s wings in place I set out to cut the holes for the ELT remote head and the new eyeball vent. I used the drill press to drill the corners of the ELT and used the Dremel tool to cut the lines. It took some file work to get them nice and square. I then used the fly cutter to drill the 2″ hole for the vent.  
   I then put the parts in place to have a look at how they payed out.  
 I then removed the parts and scuffed and cleaned the panel parts for primer. I followed that by riveting on the nutplates on.  

   That’s where I decided to call it a day and clean up the shop. A really fun day in the Hangar today. I want to get the panel parts done and painted so I can install them. From there I will be working on projects that will allow me to get the tail top skin riveted on. 

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