Time: 2 Hours
When I got home from work last night I decided I had enough time to jump in on priming the ribs of the HS. I’m using Dupli-Color self-etching primer. It has a lot of good reviews and I really liked how it looked on another builders parts so I followed suit. I will prime all the parts over the next few day and let them cure for a few days and get to riveting.


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2 Replies to “Priming”

  1. Hi. I am building a slow process RV-4 started many years ago and haven’t looked at primer stuff in a while. Getting back into it I came across your webpage. Can you tell me where you purchased the Dupli-color self-etching primer? I found 2 types online, one provided by Aircraft Spruce and another from a local auto parts store. The cans are different but both say self-etching primer. Is there a difference? Thanks.

    • Hi Vince, I got mine from Advanced Auto Parts and O’Riely Auto Parts that I had locally. Not sure on the difference on what Spruce sells as I didn’t try theirs.

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