Rear Spars Done

Time: 2 Hours

I got home from my week in Wichita and the Bombardier Safety Standdown today a little after 2pm. I took care of a few household items and went right out to the Hangar. First up was to organize all the rear spar parts so that I had the left and right sides all in their correct spots. After reading a couple if builders websites I took their advise and studied the plans real well. There are several spots on the rear spar that get riveted with other parts later in the build. I wanted to make sure that I didn’t rivet this spots now and have to drill them out later. Once I had a good grasp on what spots needed to be riveted now I grabbed the blue painters tape and covered up the holes that get to wait.


20131004-194757.jpgI then setup the squeezer and adjusted for the first rivet length. Once I had it set up the rivets went pretty fast. I worked between the left and right spars so that I didn’t have to change the squeezer setup twice.




20131004-195621.jpgA could of photos from this week in Wichita. The Safety Standdown is a week of classes and seminars from industry leaders and experts. The classes ranged from airport operations, aircraft safety procedures to new technology.



20131004-200220.jpgNext up all the ribs when I get back from my recurrent flight training in Tucson…..oh boy!!!

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