Replacement Rib

Time: 3 Hours

Well I passed my check ride and I get to continue to fly the Lear for at least another 6 months :-). My stay in Scottsdale with the girlfriend was just what the doctor ordered to recharge my mental batteries. When I got home today from my day trip I grabbed the leading edge rib that I ordered from Van’s and got to work deburring all the edges and lightening holes. That didn’t take too long as I watched the reply of this weekends F1 race. Off to the primer table it went after dimpling all the new holes.

20140407-215625.jpgWhile the primer was drying I assembled the right wing leading edge in preparation for its final riveting.



20140407-220610.jpgI will let the new ribs primer cure until tomorrow night before putting it in the leading edge.


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