Rib Work

Time: 4 Hours

Today I needed to finish up the hole drilling on the right wing ribs. Once finished with those holes I set out to debur all of them in both the left and right wing ribs. I took a 1″ scotch-brite wheel and ground it down to a small point so that it would fit into the 3/8″ hole. This worked real well to debur these holes when I hit them on both sides if the web. I finished this task on all 28 ribs.

20131012-172538.jpgThe 7/8″ hole that I drilled was just a hair to small for the 3/4″ conduit. So I used the tapered down scotch-brite wheel and enlarged it so that a piece of the conduit would fit.

20131012-172858.jpgSo I started the process of edge finishing the ribs. I decided that I would complete 1 rib at a time taking care of all the edges, lightening holes, and surface. This way I don’t get burned out on just one task over 28 ribs. I will get each rib done and have it ready for assembly when done. As I finish them I will put them on the shelf for the next stage.

20131012-173908.jpg1 down….27 more to go….:-)

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