Left Bottom Inboard Skin Done

Time: 4 Hours

I got to spend a little time in the Hangar yesterday when I got home. The task at hand was to finish up the right bottom inboard skin and flap hinge. Again I have to say that riveting these skins is a pain by yourself although I’m not sure it would be much easier with a helper. I really strain to reach the rivets at the rear spar, or top as it sits in the cradle, since the opening is so small. I was able to get all the rivets done except the 2 rows where the outboard skin overlaps the inboard since those will be the very last rivets done. I took my time and several breaks to keep my arm and back pain in check. I did have 2 small (character as my friend Glen calls them) dings, 1 from the bucking bar in the inside and 1 from the rivet gun. They are super small and the painter will have those taken care of. Good thing is that it’s in the bottom of the wing and no one would ever see them if they were bad. I then grabbed the pneumatic squeezer and hit all the inboard edge rivets along with the wing half of the flap hinge. With every rivet done that I could do now I slid the hinge pins in the flap to see how everything looked. I’m happy to say that it looks awesome!







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