Right Elevator Skin

Time: 2 Hours

Got out in the hangar this morning to do a little work. The task for today was to rivet the rest of the right elevator skin. Pretty easy task with the pneumatic squeezer. Just three different rivet sizes, AN4263-3.5, 4 and 4.5. Those are 3/32 diameter flush heads and three different lengths based on how many pieces if material you are going through. So the right elevator is done minus the rolled leading edge which I will wait for the left side to be ready for that step as I have to set the jig up for that. Then the fiberglass tips which I will wait for the empannage to be finished so that I can work on all the fiberglass at the same time. Next up the left elevator.




20130623-115259.jpgToo nice of a day to not take the Harley out for a ride. I have two day trips on Monday and Tuesday so I will have a good week to play in the hangar!

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