Right Wing Done!

Time: 7 Hours

I had some office chores today that kept from the Hangar until after lunch. When I did get there I had only one goal, get one wing finished. I started the riveting at the overlap of the outboard and inboard skin where they meet the rear spar. I worked along the spar and down the ribs(forward) as I went.

20140606-200601-72361629.jpgAfter the first two bays or ribs I could no longer reach the holes via the access plate hole. So I used an idea from another builder and pulled the skin away from the wing and held it with some Gorilla Tape. This allowed me to stand on the inside if the skin and rivet. Riveting the ribs was a breeze like this but the run along the main and rear spar got increasingly more difficult as I got closer to the next rib.


20140606-200924-72564982.jpgThey all turned out pretty nice as I went along. I took plenty of breaks as it was a lot of bending and stretching as I went along.


20140606-201108-72668628.jpgI was pretty happy with myself that I hadn’t made any dings, oops for thinking that, as I had only 12 rivets left to do on the very outboard rib I let the bucking bar slip and made a nice little tent/dent on the skin. Ugh oh well this is the bottom and a painter will make that disappear. I finished up by removing the flap so I could get to the rivets on the hinge and this skin. This I hit with the squeezer pretty fast. I reattached the flap and pulled all the blue film off. With a few rags and my cleaner I had the wing looking pretty nice. I also grabbed the access hole plates and put them on with a couple screws.




20140606-202929-73769490.jpgI will repeat this whole process this weekend and finish up the left wing. Technically they won’t be completely done until the fiberglass work is done but I will wait to do that near the end of the build I think.

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