Riveted Aileron Brackets

Time: 2 Hours

I had let the primer dry overnight on the mating surfaces of the aileron brackets. I spent some extra time today studying the plans for the rivet call outs for these brackets. There are several places where you need to use AN426-4 flush rivets so that there is clearance for the aileron to move. Once I was sure of all the rivets I grabbed the countersink tool and got to work. I then match drilled all the holes to the spar and cleaned everything up. I was able to squeeze all the rivets holding the different pieces of the brackets together. To rivet the brackets on the rear spar I was only able to squeeze a couple and had to get out the rivet gun and bucking bar. They all turned out real nice, I did make 2 smileys on the brackets but not bad.




20140425-185223.jpgI got out the aileron & flap braces which is the next task to debur, dimple and rivet. I will need to put the bottom skins on so the I can match drill them before riveting. I will get started on these tomorrow as it’s hockey time, let’s go Blackhawks!


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