Rudder Assembly

Time: 4 Hours

I spent the afternoon yesterday working on the rudder substructure. This included the fabrication of the rudder horn spacer and the rudder fiberglass bottom attach strips.

Next was the rudder horn brace trimming. I have read where builders have run into some edge distances on the finished product due to to much trimming. So I measured several times and came up with a good line.

The next job was to enlarge a hole at the end if the bottom rib so that the hinge rod end can fit through.


20130524-121331.jpgA little trimming and shaping on the rudder horn and the brace to get a good fit.



The rudder attach strips, the attach point for the bottom fiberglass tips, needed to be lined up so that they could be matched drilled.

The finished rudder, now to disassemble it, mark it, edge finish it, deburr it, dimple it and prime it. Then I can put it all back together and rivet it.

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