Rudder Pedals

Time: 2 Hours

I spent a little time in the Hanger this afternoon after flying. I just wanted to assemble the rudder pedals so I could set those parts aside for curing. As I did this I found that the aft end of the weldaments bound a little with the Matco brake actuators. I didn’t think about trial fitting these before I painted them so I had to grind them down a little and repaint them. After a couple of hours they were dry enough to handle and I reassembled them.


(null)I then removed all fuel pump/filter and their fuel lines to set aside for the riveting process.

(null)If in the future I would need to remove the fuel pump for servicing I would need a way to disconnect the power. There are several ways to do this with different connectors. One way is to use a terminal block and have the wires connect via ring terminals. I grabbed a #8 screw two place block as Fry’s Electronics and installed it on the forward side of the left gear tower. I will then cut the two fuel pump wires the right length and add a couple ring terminals. That way when I need to remove the pump I just need to remove two screws. This also tidies up things versus a loose connector.

(null)Since I had the rudder pedal assemblies all put back together I riveted the floor angles to the forward floor using LP-4 blind rivets.

(null)The aft end and forward end of the angles get cherry max structural blind rivets.


(null)So I think that I’m done with the small tasks I wanted to do before we set out to rivet the skins. I have the day tomorrow flying to think about anything else I want to do before I get to riveting. Not a lot of stuff done today but every bit gets me closer to flying!

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