Seat & Rear Baggage Floors

Time: 5 Hours

Yesterday I spent part of the afternoon working in the seat/rear baggage floors. This consisted of a lot of edge deburring on all the parts including then passenger foot wells.  


I also woked the edges of the rear baggage area bulkhead cap. This will close of the agave area from the rest of the tail cone.  

I placed the floors in place so could match drill al the holes.  




 I then grabbed the rear control stick mounting support and placed the two forward bolts in place so I could match drill the aft two bolt.  I then removed the bracket and drilled those new holes for nutplates.  

The last thing I did for the day was to start the work on the flap control arm end blocks. These plastic pieces are used to hold the arm in place but also act as a smooth hinge so the arm can rotate easily. You need to trim the corner a little to allow them to sit tight in the corners.  I have read where some builders have had issues with edge distance while drilling down through the blocks into the ribs below.   I will do a little extra measuring before I do that task. I placed the blocks and the arm in place to see how they looked before calling it a day.  


Another good day in the Hangar! 

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