Tail Spring Work

Time: 3 Hours
When I got home from work today I got a little time in the Hangar to finish up the work in the aft bottom skin cut out for the tail spring mount. It took several trial fits before I got it just right. I used several different files and my dremel to make the cut. Before I finished up that work I enlarged the center hole to a 3/4″ per the plans so that when I did get the cut just right I would have to remove it as it’s pretty tough to slide into place.



IMG_4972.JPGAfter having that fit perfect I finished up the match drilling on the 2 aft bulkheads that the spring mount connects to. There are several tabs that have no holes in these bulkheads and need to be match drilled to the skin. You need to take caution and use a piece of wood as a backer as you drill as the drill bit has a tendency to push the tab up as you try to drill through it. From there I match drilled all the holes in the aft top skin to all of the bulkhead tops. My friend Glen stopped by after work to help me move the fuselage back into the workbench and off the saw horses. This was good as I can now put my truck back in the garage overnight as winter has showed up here in the Chicago land area. Next up will be to dismantle all the work I did over the last few weeks to debur, dimple and countersink all the holes I have worked on. Making progress!

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