Trim Tab Hinge Pin

Time: 1 Hour

The last month or so has been slow in the hangar as I have been working a lot at United as well as working projects on the new house. I have been keeping a “punch” list of tasks that needs to be done for projects over the last couple of years. These items didn’t need to be done at that time and it was better for them to remain undone to make the remaining projects easier. One of those items was the trim tab hinge pin. I had originally put a temporary pin in that was shorter and without any bends in it to make it easy to remove the tab as I built the tail. Today I moved on to bend and create a permanent pin and a way to secure it. Van’s would have you just put a bend and safety wire it to a small hole in the small spare of the elevator. I wanted to do something a little nicer. I wanted to use a piece of hinge with its eyelet and create a tab to put a screw through. I made some measurements and came up with a plan. I would drill out the two rivers on that spare and put a #8 nutplate there utilizing the bottom river hole. I would drill another rivet hole for the second rivet in the nutplate and enlarge the top original rivet hole for the screw. I made some test bends in a scrap pin and came up with the perfect setup. I then reproduced the shape on a new pin. I then shaped a piece of hinge so that it had one eyelet and drilled a #19 hole in it for the screw. I dimpled the bottom hole in the nutplate and countersunk the spar for the top rivet. I did it this way since the single sided nutplate is pretty tight to try to dimple both holes. Once I had both rivet holes finished and the hole for the screw done and cleaned up I riveted the nutplate in place. I then cleaned up the shape of the hinge tab and bent the tip of the pin so that the tab could not fall off. I put the parts back together and slid the pin in place securing it with a #8 screw. Turned out really nice and clean. It’s little details like this that make the build fun, most people will never see this but it makes me happy knowing I spent the extra time to make it clean and functional.

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