VP-X Power Connector’s

Time: 4 Hours

I recieved the loaner crimpers from Chad at Verticle Power this weekend. So I decided to start the work for the power connectors so that I could get them back to him as soon as possible. These crimpers have a slot for the pins to slide into to hold it into perfect position. Once in position there is a sliding do-hicky that come down from the top to limit the wire that’s being inserted from going in to far.  

 Here is what the pins look like out and inserted into the crimpers.  

    Here’s the wire stop do-hicky lowered. 
 So with the basics down, Vertical Power has a pretty good instruction manual, I started with the J8 power connector. There are three connectors that use this type of pin, J8 (8 pins), J10 (10 pins) and J12 ( yep 12 pins). The process is fairly straight forward as long as you follow their instructions. After crimping the insertion is done by aligning a little tab on the back of the pin to a notch next to the hole you are inserting it in. This is different from the other Molex connectors I have done which don’t require alignment during insertion. I figured out a good final length that I wanted for the harness. One that made sure I could reach the VP-X as well as giving me plenty of slack to install and move things around. Keeping my fingers crossed that when the day comes to install the VP-X I will have measured correctly.  

   Once I had all 8 pins done I cleaned up all the wires and zip tied them to create a nice harness.  

 It definitely helps to clean up all the wires in this side of the space. Now off to the other two connectors. 

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